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It’s unknown how true this confession is, but the problem raised is rather acute – the author’s reflections may come in handy for those who manage brand pages on social networks.

When company bosses say they can’t set an agency to take care of the company’s social media presence because the business is very specific, they quietly hope to delegate this job to their own employees to ensure the company benefit. In this article you can find examples to show that company employees are by no means always able to take into account the company interests in the way they are seen by the founders of the company.

It’s been long since social networks became a mass market place. Selling pants on Vkontakte is no big deal. But what if you have to sell something more expensive and valuable?

Why might you forget to reschedule an appointment if you’re visiting a social networking website? Who should take care of the company social media projects? Why is it a bad idea to post your CEO’s TV interview? You can find answers to these and other questions in Nataliya Kurbatova’s article for our blog.

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice Through the Looking Glass

If you want to work in SMM, but you only know that it is fashionable, interesting and profitable, you have to be ready to accept a number of important principles. Our SMM specialist Maria Rudskaya is going to tell you which ones.

Reply to an event-manager job, learn to cook burrito, take part in a best-hairstyle contest … Of course it’s quite flattering to feel that you belong to the target audience of the most brands, but sometimes it’s frightening. If you click on such ad, just out of professional interest, you’re unlikely to find a really worthwhile page. Let’s try and overview 6 worst social media mistakes brands make.

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31.05.2013, 11:21

From now on we’re going to keep you updated on the industry trends, our observations and advice, and also share experience we get from our clients and partners. Hopefully you’ll find time to comment and contribute.
CEO of the Company – Nataliya Kurbatova – about KPIs of the SMM-agency, its working formats, the staff and the company values.

Everyone now is trying to advertise on blogs.
Someone says it is effective someone thinks it’s pointless.
So do you really want to do it?

Where are we going to get so much news? What are we going to do with negative comments and reviews? How are we going to drive subscribers? These questions have simple answers and the simplicity is possible just because the answers imply a different view of the page.